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2007-06-18 12:52:00

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37: Do you feel you were born into the role of artist?

GOMAR2: Hmm, I'm not too sure what to think honestly, but yeah sure. I like that story. I like romanticism on that level, like where my life is this beautiful mystery and in the end it all makes sense. It all adds up. I've always been creative. Even when I didn't know I was an artist, I was an artist. Since I was small, I noticed I was more than everyone around me. When I say that I don't mean to sound like a total pompous ass...but to just say that I've always felt as if I had a funnel while the rest of the world around me had a skinny straw.

I'm that weirdo tugging on your moms furry orange and gold wallpaper, dragging my finger along the bumpy bubble gum under the kitchen table, observing and digesting. I know everything has the potential to change my perception, my ideas, my life. It's a lifestyle.

gomar's floating couch37: What's the most important lesson you've learned in the past year?

I need to calm down and accept the pace I'm at.

I'm a hyper individual who throttles everything to the maximum. I need to feel accomplished on a day to day level. I lay in bed every night and reflect on what I did that day; most of the time I feel I should of done more. How am I supposed to be happy when nothing is good enough? I feel guilty when I spend time with friends, watch a movie, or other activities which don't result in me having developing a product. I need that feeling of accomplishment more than I need love or friendship.

That sounds bad. I care a lot, I think. I get raged out that I even have to take time out to eat food. It's like why can't I just breathe air and survive? I live inside my head. I'm an idealist, I'm an idiot. I wish I had a couple robots that looked and acted like me. I'd have one hold down my relationships, one hold down my responsibilities in school and I would just sit home and bomb out work. At the end of the day all three of us would lay down in bed, side by side with linked USB cords into our heads. We would share our experiences through information transfers. I would then have the memories of what my friends and family have said and done; I would have new knowledge without the effort to learn. I'm infatuated with the idea of being able to acclimate a copious amount of knowledge without learning. I want phenomenal results instantly.

Haha...that's fucked up. I think I'm crazy half the time.. So, yeah I need to calm down and accept my life's pace, I'm only straining myself. I'm not a robot, I'm this human being.

37: Do you think you're tuned into a personal channel, or are you tapping into the same wellspring that other artists do?

No, I don't subscribe to the idea of me being tapped into a personal channel or a wellspring in which other artist are. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the question, but I see things as being more tangible than that. I feel as if we are operating as a unit in real time, here and now. You affect me and vise versa. I may hear a dope track you did, and blast that on repeat for a few days. That music may have me in that groove where and when I brick out a dope piece or idea. You see, I took your energy and plugged that into me. I feed off of you, and you don't even know it. It's that actual sharing of information, if I may call it that, which propels us through these waters. It's you and me creating our realities.

Gomar2 wildstyle logo work37: Is there a ritual to your creative process or do you like to play around with your approach?

I've read and heard a lot of designers talk about how they have this rigid method they use time and time again for developing solutions. I'm not so mechanical, I ride the lightning of the emotional excitement I have for that particular project. I honestly lock up and hyperventilate when I have to do projects I don't feel anything for.

So, yeah I do play around with my approach, that's the nature of the beast. I am and will always be a work in progress. Beyond the el and the pots of coffee, the creative process for me is non-linear a lot of times. I draw and write out ideas a lot at random through out the day. I have a 13 gallon Tupperware container to the brim with sketches and ideas I've never touched. I try to think on a basic level with what will connect with people. Asking questions about how people feel about things is a daily activity. There is so much information one can gather from an average Joe. I also try to think about high contrast, a lot against a little. I want to make shit pop. Visualizing ideas and things from different angles, in different context, and different environments are also key. I'm a huge fan of libraries. I try to think like a DJ. I'll camp out at a random library for hours and just flip through books looking for ideas, images to knock off, or what ever.

37: What gives you hope for the future?

Gomar2 rainbow design workWow, that's a real deep question...what gives me hope for the future is myself in the present tense. Seeing how rapidly things have changed and are changing. Maybe I'm rather naive, but it seems as if things are moving in a good direction. I think digital technology has also contributed to this greatly. Take Hip Hop for example, .. it's amazing that now a kid, with limited resources can produce qualitative music on a very economical budget. 20 years ago this was not happening.

Just like graphic design, I would of never gotten beyond spray paint if it wasn't for bootlegged programs. Things are accessible now, where as before they weren't. Not like this. I'm lower middle class, the people around here don't give a fuck about shit like creativity. They're talking hotdogs and doughnuts, paying bills, and surviving. I would of never had access to things like this if it wasn't for digital technology and illegal downloads. There are so many dope kids who rip, but have never had the opportunity to take their skills to that legitimate level. So, yeah I see humanity winning this race as of now.

Maybe we see the negative things in our world at the current time and say, "wow this is bad.." But, I feel that's where the positive begins to grow. Haha...I just don't give a fuck anymore, I'm bout ta blow the fuck up, period.

Before I was really getting into art on an unadulterated level my life was straight up fucked. It's like, man I should be dead. I've seen that brink of death, literally. I've put myself in situations which I look back on like, man...that dude could blown my head off. Nowadays, I just keep my goals in perspective on a consistent basis. I really see creative things becoming more respected and prominent in the United States. I think creative work is truly the next. We aren't making products anymore, you know. It seems all we really have is our creativity, as well as the luxury to indulge in it.

37: I stole this from the folks at Edge, but I gotta ask: what do you believe even though you can't prove it?

I believe in a higher level. Once in a while, I'll just stop and look at my hands, I digest how crazy this is. Things just don't happen without reason. The paper doesn't end up on the floor without the wind pushing it off of the table. For something to become activated, something bigger had to push it. I don't know, I feel very blessed on so many levels to be human; It's been an honor to be one of the most advanced beings within a galaxy. Proving the feeling supporting my ideas is impossible. Yet I feel that.

It affects me. It breaks my heart when we marginalize feeling. That's what its all about, you know. The experience. Your experience.

Gomar2 Reebok piece

37: Why is it so hard for us genius types to get a job?

A genius is a person of great intelligence, who shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work.

Honestly, I've had that pin pushed through my button up too many times. It's a flattering statement I, but I can't stand here, and take on that role.. yOu know, it's not my goal to purvey that persona. I'm just dedicated. Period. I care a lot, about myself, I'm just trying to come up. But yeah the question about my/our relations to work. Why I feel it's hard for us "genius types" to get a job is the fact that we don't give two fucks about someone else's agenda. I've got a head full of ideas and a bad habit with a bic. I need to expand on the daily, and 8 hours or whatever, doing whatever for chump change breaks my heart. I need to make paper from creative endeavors! I'm off the rocker. When I get to a new, shitty job it's like within the first week, "who's writing all over everything?"

By the first month it's basically game over, unless I can hide out, go home for 4 hours, then it's cool, I guess. We're just heathens. When I look into myself, I'm a self centered person. I care so much about where my time is going, I'm worth so much. That's how I see it, and that's why a normal job and us "genius types" don't mix like two dicks and no bitch.

Gomar2 Dr. Quandary logo37: Do artists have an obligation to break the law?

Being able to look into the mirror and call your self an artist is a pretty big statement, which probably includes reflecting on a large body of work and your personal dedication as confirmation of that statement. I don't feel there is anything about breaking the law which is inherent to being an artist. I feel an artist who is a rebel, by default cultivates a real romantic mystic about themselves, good or bad. Personally, it seems everything I like to do is illegal or has some bearing on illegal activity. I guess I love that funny feeling of freedom, maybe at it's core that's why I am an artist. Freedom is what I'm all about. I'm a human being first and foremost; laws to me are things like gravity, the speed of light.

37: Do you want to make movies at some point?

I'd love to get into some video based stuff. I'm all about expanding. I NEED to get into things of that sort. I'm not looking at art from one side, you know. I realize I have the potential to wreck the game in a multifaceted paradigm.

37: Any final words for the people?

Stay dedicated. Period. Don't marginalize your feelings. I spent years doing degenerate stuff, not caring about life, let alone myself. Where I'm from, the kids around here know more about a QP than a BA. It took a lot of negative stuff to push me to go back to school. It was hard for me to do that at first, I didn't feel I belonged in that higher education environment. I'm not saying higher education is all that, but it has contributed greatly to my life. The knowledge, the people and the experiences have been priceless. I have become obsequious on my own time as well, with my own endeavors. If you really want to move forward in life, you have to start looking at your life in a mirror.

Every night I lay in bed and reflect on that previous day's activities. Did I do what I could of? How many trains did I do? Could I of done that better?.. I beat myself up a lot, but that's me. I feel like no one is going to ever care about me more than I care about myself. I try to keep people in my life which have something to offer me. That may sound cold, but if you don't do anything for me, than you gotta go. I think the majority of people out there aren't prepared to go there. They care about a "good time", girls, and whatever. I'm just not there anymore, and to be honest it was all of that stuff which drove me to become who I've contemporarily become. Ha,ha...I don't know what to say.

37: Any futher final words?

I'd like to thank all of the people who've been supportive toward what I'm trying to accomplish, sincerely. My Mother, Kas Solo, Hugs, Meta...there are too many people to even start trying to thank. I'm just happy to be here, to be recognized. I appreciate this opportunity to express my irrational ideas. I want to contribute to the creative momentum of people. I want you to look at my art and feel inspired to do your own thing, what ever that is. I hope to affect you on a positive note. Art and Hip-Hop have given me so much, I can only hope to give back. Peace.


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