Kris Kuksi, We Salute You

2006-10-23 17:02:00

Kris Kuksi is apparently not much for manifestos and theories --- but his work is plenty enough to keep your neurons pumping. What follows is a silent tribute to a singular talent. When you're done here, check out his website, and his gallery at DeviantART. Also, take a look at Miqel Dot Com's gallery featuring the work of an artist who is clearly an influence on Kuksi --- the forgotton Polish legend Stanislav Szukalski.

The Pronation of Christ -- click to enlarge

Theresa in Ecstasy -- click to enlarge

Psychotropic Anatomy -- click to enlarge

Kris Kuksi is truly masterful, meaning his stylistic decisions are mature and considered --- not shaped by limitations on his technique, because apparently there are none.

Portrait of George Guillaume -- click to enlarge

Kuksi has recently turned to sculpture and remains as intricate and visionary as ever.

The House of Fascism

Parasite and Host -- click to enlarge

The Palace of Hedonism

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