The Mind of Tony Smith: A Guided Tour

2008-07-29 16:28:00

Tony Smith and his sprawling website have been a BIPT favorite for years. It disappeared for quite awhile, but recently two mirror sites have surfaced: and valdosta museum


Build Your Own Matrix

The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness --- this is a great place to introduce yourself to the program. Tony is the kinda guy who figures out how much space it would take to build the matrix, how many humans it would take, and what the electrical grid would look like...this is a wild read.

image If Humans have a 100 year life span, you would have to grow 5 x 10^7 = 50 million Humans per year in order to maintain a steady population of 5 x 10^9 = 5 billion Humans. If it takes 10 years to grow a Human until the Brain is Mature, the total number of immature Humans being grown at any particular time would be 500 million. After being grown to have a Mature Brain, each Human is put in a Pod connected to a huge Matrix Network. image If each Pod is attached to a Cylinder, somewhat like a giant microtubule, with each Cylinder being 100 layers (10 meters each) of Pods in height and having 100 pods per layer (10 meters apart), then each Cylinder * would hold 10,000 Pods; * would be 1 kilometer high; * would be 1 kilometer in circumference. To hold 5 billion Humans, you would need 5 x 10^9 / 10^4 = 5 x 10^5 = 500,000 Cylinders. If the Cylinders were spaced so that their centers were 1 kilometer apart, you could fit the Pod Matrix Network inside a square whose side is about (square root of 500,000) = 700 kilometers. You could easily fit a 5-billion Human Pod Matrix Network and its supporting Farm within a 1,000 kilometer square, which is about a million square kilometers. Since the surface area of the Earth is about 475 million square kilometers: * if you used 10% of the Earth's surface, you could support about 200 billion Humans; * if you used 100% of the Earth's surface, you could support about 2,000 billion Humans.

Natural Technology

imageEarth's oceans may appear limitless from a human perspective, but look closer and you get a different picture. They aren't vast, structureless seas of liquid stretching uniformly to the horizon. To most of their inhabitants, in fact, they are not liquid at all. The oceans turn out to beâ€"well, jelly. Not very thick jelly, it's true. Certainly not thick enough to notice when you swim in it. But for the marine world's smallest creaturesâ€"the tiny plankton and microbes that make up the bulk of its inhabitantsâ€"seawater is not a uniform fluid, but a tangle of intertwined chains of sugar molecules that trap water within their meshwork to form a gel. The long strands in the oceanic gel are mostly crosslinked polysaccharides. If the polysaccharides in 1 milliliter of seawater could be placed end-to-end, they would stretch out to 5,600 kilometers! Coexisting proteins would span 310 kilometers ; DNA, 2 kilometers. This same milliliter may also contain up to a million bacteria and ten times as many virus particles. Also in this brew are, on the average, 1.000 protozoans and 100 phytoplankton. It's a microscopic metropolis, about the size of a sugar cube, and one in which you may never wish to swim again! image

Natural nuclear reactor discovered in Africa --- best of all, it's millions of years old.

Further Brainfood

There's a PDF Version of Tony's entire website...and it's 120 megabytes. That should give you some sense of the sheer scale of what he's put up there. Much of it relates to Clifford Algebra, which I still barely understand. What follows is a list of my favorite random articles -- each is a gateway to much larger, weirder Universe. Enjoy.


Examining links between the I Ching and the genetic code.

Music, Math and Time -- one of the hidden gems of Tony's site.

The Olmec Civilization --- one of the more glaring holes in human history and theories of origin and migration.

Aurora phenomena -- very tasty stuff.

Tony Smith, decades ahead of the curve on 2012.

Gerald Massey and his research into Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza pages --- a highlight of the site.

Cellular Automata, Chinese Prophecy Games, and DNA

240 Thoughts. A collection of quotes, including these:

Far from being the antithesis of creativity, constraints on thinking are what make creativity possible. -- Boden
It's amazing how much "mature wisdom" resembles being too tired. -- Robert A. Heinlein

Classical and Quantum Information Theory.

Ibn Arabi --- Sufi Quantum Physicist, centuries ahead of his time?

Tony on the Tarot deck --- unique for sure.

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