Sonofusion is the Superforce
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Since Bopes was hoping for a cyber-visceral adventure at a distance from me—this is all I can offer:

I saw the Chinese government documentary called “Yan Xin Superman” showcasing his mass healings lasting 7 hours (no bathroom breaks) and treating thousands of people at a time. Chunyi Lin said at first it felt like “ants crawling all over his body” and he was really itchy. But he knew to just keep focusing on Yan Xin. Then he was rolling around on the ground and his body went completely hot and completely cold—only his heart was unaffected. Then his third eye fully opened up and he saw stars in the day time, as it is said in Buddhism. After that the level of samadhi is indescribable and Chunyi Lin was 80% healed of a serious knee injury which otherwise would have required dangerous surgery. Later Chunyi Lin continued his direct training with the qigong master OF Yan Xin.

Here’s my latest on the “superforce” and thanks for the kudos.

This Madventures episode—kicking off the U.S. premiere of these Finnish adventure explorers—showcases the amazing 93 year old “Don Francisco” of Tabatinga Brazil. The dude states when he was a wee lad teenager he was taken into the jungle for a few weeks or so—and the older healers cracked open his brain so that when he takes DMT he can see inside other bodies, see spirits and use DMT for healing, etc.

Actually Robert Tindell’s book “The Jaguar that Roams the Mind” is the best on ayahuasca healing. He details how the true healers eat no salt and sublimate their sex energy while they’re in the jungle. The diet (when not fasting) focuses solely on bananas and fish since both are high in tryptophan for the serotonin-melatonin-DMT transistion.

Actually it’s ironic since Tindell had trashed ayahuasca being sold in the streets of Iquitos Peru—in bottles. Yet here Don Franscisco is bottling and selling DMT as well—and you can bet he’s got good stuff! haha.

There’s one youtube comment about how one of the t.v. hosts wasn’t ready to “let go” and therefore didn’t have a strong DMT experience. This is always an issue with psychotropics—but my experience is that the strength of the dose determines as much as whether a person “lets go.” The other option is the person blacks out—passes out. And clearly you don’t see that—although it may have happened off-camera! haha.

But DMT is so amazingly strong—and also drinking it makes it last longer—that it really is a “post-death” experience. As far as letting your spirit do astral travel—that again falls back on the alchemical secret which Tindell’s book reveals. DMT burns up the kundalini of the body—so afterwards your third eye is more open but you are also really spent. I did it in full-lotus which optimized the internal kundalini opening. That’s what powers the astral travel so you need to keep building up your internal life force energy to do the astral travel stuff. Otherwise people confuse astral travel with just “visions” from the visual cortex thalamus inhibitor of subconscious perceptions being over-riden (repressed) by the DMT increase.

DMT Hyperspace—which lasted for several hours for me—means that there is a holographic unity between the inside of the body and external reality. It’s the rainbow body of the universe itself. Terrance McKenna noted that when he drank ayahuasca it was more powerful than smoking DMT. And then there are different strengths of ayahuasca with “analogs”—some used only rarely because they are considered too strong. That’s what I used. That’s of course why technically they’re not to be ingested internally.

This rainbow vortex is the “squeezed light” of gravity on a quantum level. “Squeezed” means that there’s a time-frequency uncertainty principle in action—it’s what I think of as “strong frequency” instead of “weak amplitude.” The current superstring search for the “music” of the universe—the gravity waves—relies on squeezed light but the mathematical interpretation is as “weak amplitude.” See my “Against Archytas” article for why this is wrong. How gravity was stretched or folded back into—looped—into higher dimensions is the current science “visualization” with the rest of the model being one-to-one correspondence abstract geometry to left-brain math symbols.

Sonofusion uses squeezed light as “strong frequency” in contrast to the “weak amplitude” model of particle and astrophysics. In “strong frequency” you rely on ultrasound ionizing water and electrochemicals to produce hydrogen fusion for creating matter and bending spacetime as well. Strong frequency is what DMT does to your body—it is the direct “squeezed light” transducer connecting the holographic experience of external reality stored in the deep chakras of the body.

The dynamics of “squeezed light”—how the energy is increased, the biophotons of the molecules—is through “natural resonance.” Using the piezoelectric pressure of the bones to create ultrasound which then ionizes the hormones and bacteria in the brain—so that the pineal gland emits electromagnetic energy and photons. Light then bends spacetime itself, creating matter in the process through sonofusion. has the details—and it works!

This is why there is the emphasis on the “Icaros” or spirit songs in ayahuasca healing as well as in all shamanic healing—and chanting in yoga and meditation.

When the DMT becomes really powerful than the “Omkara” is heard—the OHM of the spinal cord heart chakra creates the universe and creates our soul as well. It’s the exact opposite of the Cosmic Background Radiation. Science teaches, via quantum chaos and “the collapse of symmetry,” that the secret of gravity is random NOISE whereas in nonwestern healing the secret is what I call “Rand-y-Ohm.” When we listen to “random noise”—say in the shower—then “auditory hallucinations” are heard - and so it is with science writ large, Mother Earth.