New Chunyi Lin Interview
Posted: 07 August 2009 10:47 PM   [ Ignore ]
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O.K.—so Chunyi Lin has a new amazing interview with a healer yogini in L.A. who has a mother in Minneapolis.

As Chunyi Lin says in this interview—if we eat crap then it takes more energy to clear out those blockages! Chunyi Lin told me personally to “stop eating crap!” haha.

Here I am in full-lotus—finishing off some brews—after having meat that my dad cooked and after spending hours with my visiting sister.

She shared so much with me and I had fun playing with her daughter—all while I was in FULL-LOTUS! haha.

In this new interview Master Chunyi Lin

shares his time doing cave meditation and shares how he went full vegetarian only 4 years ago! Little did I know he still ate sea food and maybe even some chicken when I took his classes last in 2005. haha.

Chunyi Lin also promotes his new Qissage course since “Westerners” like to touch so much! haha.

It’s all good with Chunyi Lin since we were all born healers but with his Spring Forest Qigong techniques it’s good, better and BEST!

The person conducting this interview Angelique—does not eat sugar, dairy or processed food. You can enjoy her healthy healing voice as she receives the love of Chunyi Lin.

Qigong master Lin tells some AWESOME jokes in this interview—you’ll be laughing tons!

Most of all he opens up your HEART energy. I had a good heart to heart phone call with my old college buddy who now spends half the year in his land on Mt. Shasta where he farms and builds cabins, etc. He also took Chunyi Lin’s classes. We hadn’t talked in years but my friend made sure to mention the qigong master. haha.

A Healer in Every Family and a World Without Pain.

Chunyi Lin focuses on diet as well—on how the liver being clogged is addiction—be it smoking, drinking, sugar, chocolate, caffeine, etc.

Chunyi Lin says he does the all night 6 hour slow cooker to wake to a meal of beans—up to 10 different kinds! haha.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin also shares several of his healing stories—the classic Esther Trejo Mayo Clinic lung disease miracle—sure to go down in the history books—the cancer tumor healing story—and much much more.

The interviewer is so psyched that she ends with confirmation that she will fly out to Minneapolis to see Chunyi Lin. And another healer is in the bag. haha.